Mike’s Story

the story of a window cleaner


2. 2


 Chapter 2

   My interest in cleaning window all started when I visited my brother who lived in a small village in the countryside. He was a window cleaner and had just signed a contract to clean all the windows of a large manner house and a collection of outbuildings belonging to a very posh lady finishing school.

   So of course, it being a two-man job I eagerly helped him out, especially as it meant meeting young ladies.

 Over the following two days my brother Ted had shown me the tricks of the trade of how to clean windows quickly.


   It amazed me during those two days of cleaning windows I discovered that most people walk around almost without ever looking up unless they encounter a ladder directly in front of them or as I found out from observing a couple having sex where the young woman was laying on her back on the bed.

   The funny thing was I was the one who felt embarrassed especially as she acknowledged my being there watching them like a peeping tom by giving me a smile and a wave.

   Later I was to discover her name was Helen, she was Swedish and taught the girls games among other things.

   I also came across a bunch of girls naked in the showers which certainly got my cock growing.


   When I said Helen taught other things I was not joking, she instructed her select group of girls on how to deal with the advances of amorous boys, in other words sex.

   What I saw while cleaning the windows of her room that first time was a demonstration of the sexual act that she was recording to show to the girls later. No canned porn videos would suffice, she preferred to produce her own teaching material.

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