Mike’s Story

the story of a window cleaner


1. 1

Chapter I

Omg! I heard the front door slam shut and a man’s voice shouting up from downstairs, “Susan, I’m home.”

  I quickly finished, kissed Susan and jumped off the bed, slipping on my underpants, jeans and tee shirt. Then I started cleaning the bedroom windows.

   Susan, in the meantime had dressed and, was already going downstairs. I heard her say, “Hello, Peter, your home early.”

   That was a near thing I thought, chuckling to myself. I was the local window cleaner and cleaned not only the outside windows of the house or flat but also at no extra charge to some, the inside ones as well.

   After working my magic in the bedroom, I came down stairs and knocked on the open kitchen door to announce to Susan and Peter that I was there.  “Hi, I’ve finished upstairs and, on my way, down I cleaned the mirror on the landing.”

   “Thank you, Mike, that was nice of you. I appreciate that.” Susan then turned to Peter and remarked, “I told you Mike, the window cleaner, always gives me that extra special service.”

   This brought a smile to my face as I accepted cash from Susan for cleaning the outside windows only.   

   Since 15 I’ve had many jobs, all of which have had some aspect of dealing privately with the public from delivering newspapers and helping out old Mr smith who was my last delivery of the morning. Then it was helping the milkman who introduced me to the delights of a couple of his lady customers. Next was the gardening and the potting shed. Finally, it was my current job of window cleaning


   Most of my business came from word of mouth.  My next inside job was with Tina. She lived in the next road to Susan. Her husband was away most of the time so she was in need of my extra special services.

   Tina liked role playing. This week she had decided to act out one of her many fantasies. On my arrival she instructed me to go upstairs to her bedroom strip naked and get into her bed. Then to pretend to be asleep and not to wake up until she told me to. Naturally I did as she wished.

   Through semi closed eyes I watched Tina enter the room she pulled back the covers exposing my naked body beneath them. Then standing there finger herself until she was wet with excitement. She then straddled my lower body and sat down on my rock-hard cock.  She then moved up and down its shaft.

 Oh God, I thought, I was having difficulty in maintaining the pretence of being asleep. If I wasn’t careful, I would come inside her. That wouldn’t be too upsetting, as I had made sure that all my ladies were on the pill and married in case of a mishap.

   By the time Tina had finished having her way with me, I felt as if my cock was broken. Before dressing I looked in the mirror and saw that my poor cock, although hard again, was not standing to attention as it usually did; instead it looked somewhat bent in the middle.

  I had been doing the window-cleaning lark for the last six months and thought bird wise I had cracked it. However, lately, my ladies for some unknown reason were no longer content with just having straightforward sex. I was beginning to understand why some of their husbands stayed away.

   After lunch and a much-needed rest, I moved my van and parked it outside Jenny’s house. As far as I knew, her husband was away, so thankfully there was no unexpected coming home early to contend with. Not all husbands returning early had ended like Susan’s this morning.  Only last week I had to hide under the bed until everyone was asleep before escaping.

   Jenny had only recently joined my happy band of ladies and like Tina she wanted to role play.

   Today she was the strict teacher and I was the naughty boy.  Her thing was domination; a mild form of S and M. She wanted to be in control of the situation.

   When we had played this game before, Jenny had ended up playfully spanking my bare bottom with her hand. It hadn’t hurt me that much but certainly turned her on because the sex afterwards had been really great.

   This time it was different, more violent. Instead of using her hand, she had used a small paddle that made my bottom sting.  I would have protected my rear but I had stupidly allowed her laughingly to tie me up to the bed’s wrought iron   headboard.

   When eventually I was released Jenny said she was sorry and burst into tears apparently her husband had left her for another woman.

   Thankfully there hadn’t been any permanent damage because the following day I had a long drive to visit my brother who lives in the countryside and to service Helen.

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