The prince and the priestess

An argument that has lasted for generations between two gods, brother and sister, is effecting human lives. The goddess will make peace with her brother and starts a mighty plan there will involve not only gods but ordinary humans too. Is it possible to end a hundred of years old argument between gods without anyone gets hurt?


13. The prince's desorintated thughts


The prince laid in his bed
Trying to hear the thoughts in his head
He could not understand that he was a brother
It was a betrayal of a father and m

In his mind, the doubt took place
And he it did not face
His new sister how wuld she be?

Would she be brave or closer to stupidity?

Is she thoughtful? Would she be kind?
Does she say what is on her mind?
Is she pretty with long, blond hair?

Will she be proud when she is here?

All these questions he did think
Wuld she see him as brother, enemy or friend?
Maybe she thinks that I am phoney
Better knowing, or just ordinary?


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