The prince and the priestess

An argument that has lasted for generations between two gods, brother and sister, is effecting human lives. The goddess will make peace with her brother and starts a mighty plan there will involve not only gods but ordinary humans too. Is it possible to end a hundred of years old argument between gods without anyone gets hurt?


16. The priestess' gathering


The queen's rider knocked on the solid door
Just like the young priestess had done before
It was close to dawn then the letter arrived
And the old woman out for it reached

Then the young girl with the sun did wake up
She to the light reached out
With the head turned against the black sky
She prayed and asked the goddess why

Soon the novices and priestess' woke up too
With the dawn their day move
The elders stood in the silenced middle
And read something close to a riddle

The royal family had called them to the castle
For country, life and faith sat all tabled
And the heart of a girl skipped a beat
Her mind out to the castle already reached



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