The prince and the priestess

An argument that has lasted for generations between two gods, brother and sister, is effecting human lives. The goddess will make peace with her brother and starts a mighty plan there will involve not only gods but ordinary humans too. Is it possible to end a hundred of years old argument between gods without anyone gets hurt?


17. The eldest's doubt


With no hesitation, she took a step toward the elders
With the blood boiling in all her fingers
"Honoured elders, may I take part in your song
And walk with you along?"

"You are not seen here between us before
Did you tonight knock on our door?"
Asked an elder whose voice was not to be
"Yes, one of them was truly me"

A woman with wrinkled skin spoke: "Are you novice?
Have you your life too the goddess promised?"
"Yes, my life belongs too the holy goddess
But I am no novice, I am priestess"

The last bit she said so silently
That it was to hear just barely
"You are a child, no priestess
Only a woman can be accepted by the goddess!"

The first elder spoke for the second time
Without problems, she made the girl's words into a crime
The young priestess closed her eyes
She counted to ten twice


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