The prince and the priestess

An argument that has lasted for generations between two gods, brother and sister, is effecting human lives. The goddess will make peace with her brother and starts a mighty plan there will involve not only gods but ordinary humans too. Is it possible to end a hundred of years old argument between gods without anyone gets hurt?


26. One forced


On the third day then the twilight came
A fight broke out with words as aim
An older priestess doubted that the young girl was the right
And able to lead the healing army of the goddess beside the knights

This doubt made the young priestess freeze to ice
Why should age made people vice?
Why could they not just accept
And take things as they to them get?

She squeezed her eyes shot
Why did they her not just forget?
With a voice that could made the dead turn in their graves
She cursed the gifts that the goddess her gave

The women widened their eyes refusing to admit
A forced one among them did sit
Not in a thousand years
Had anyone forced them to face their fears

All turned back to what they had done
Stillness was surrounding the bonfire sun
Gossip travelled from moth to ear
All except the young girl did hear

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