The prince and the priestess

An argument that has lasted for generations between two gods, brother and sister, is effecting human lives. The goddess will make peace with her brother and starts a mighty plan there will involve not only gods but ordinary humans too. Is it possible to end a hundred of years old argument between gods without anyone gets hurt?


3. A twinbirth


From the queen soon the screams of pain came
Then the silence would be the same
Two children came to the world that day
However, an old promise they had to pay

The priestess stood ready by the bed
She took the youngest covered in blood
The little laid in her arms safe and sound
The small blue eyes the new world found

The midwives held the little boy
He given was to the queen with joy
Covered in blanckets laying at mothers chest
His little voice would not rest

The queen that just had given birth
Felt joy and sorrow both
In her arms was the tiny boy
The lag of her girl spoiled her joy

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