Dear Diary...

A diary about me recovering.


5. Dear Diary,

May 24, 2015

mood: very upset, depressed and shocked.

dear diary,


so sorry i haven't written in like a week.... my best friend Kinsey... tried to overdose... i can't believe it. I was at a restraunt and i texted her 'hey'. and she said 'haven't you been  my texts.' and i said 'no. my phone hasn't been working right lately.. sorry' and she texted me that she tried to kill herself. i ran to the bathroom crying... i couldnt believe it... my bestest friend tried to overdose... what's happening? i was shocked and i still am... i haven't been eating or sleeping because of it... i feel sick. i can't even talk about it without crying. :'( what's happening to me? why is everything bad happening to me????!!!! I'm sorry... i have cut... i almost tried to kill myself but I'm better... really. i'm better :)

Love & Hugs,

   Peyton <3

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