Dear Diary...

A diary about me recovering.


4. Dear Diary,

May 19, 2015

mood: okay! and feel awesome lol

Dear Diary,

my older sister Paige came with me into therapy today. it went well actually. I haven't talked to my best friend Kinsey in 5 days. :/ i wonder how's she is doing... she's really depressed lately and i'm trying to help her. I'll text her later. anyway, i made 6 cuts last night.... :( yea... i'm mad at myself for that. i was almost a week clean... its just its hard trying not to cut but i can do it. I, Peyton, can stop cutting. because everything is possible. I, Peyton, am strong and beautiful, and sweet, and i will get better no matter what may come my way. anyway, i haven't throw up for..... 2 months! yay! so, i want to try something... comment "Beauty" if i have inspired you. I'm doing this because when i'm older i want to help and inspire others that are going through what I'm going through. its just i hate seeing people go through stuff like this...

Stay Strong!!!

Love & Hugs, 

   Peyton <3

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