My secret confessions

A bird singing.
The sun shining through a tree top. The oceans slow rhythm, and the earths never ending cycle.
A teenage girl crying, but no one notice. A happy face hiding the deepest sorrows.
Everything is beautiful and everything is worth writing about.


2. What happened to the nightingale?

What happened to the nightingale?

The nightingale

Oh so beautiful

Oh so lonely

Singing by itself

A song that was once considered beautiful

A song that once brought happiness to the people

A song that people once wrote fairytales about

But not anymore

The bittersweet sorrow have stolen the beauty

The nightingale is now to busy fighting

It does not have time to remember the delectable tunes that once came out if it's small beak

Because if the tiny nightingale stops fighting

Even just for the smallest second

It will die.

Swallowed by the emptiness

Burned by the glooming coals in the bottom of its stomach

So do not blame the nightingale

It is not its own fault that the beauty is slowly disappearing

Do not blame it or judge it

It is fighting a battle that you know nothing about.

That this small bird has not yet bowed under by the heavy blackness, is the greatest beauty of them all.

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