My secret confessions

A bird singing.
The sun shining through a tree top. The oceans slow rhythm, and the earths never ending cycle.
A teenage girl crying, but no one notice. A happy face hiding the deepest sorrows.
Everything is beautiful and everything is worth writing about.


1. The path of life

The path of life

Happiness can come to you

Even in the darkest of times.

Like a white candle

With a flame only bright enough

To cast a dim light

At the path laying beyond your feet.

A candle

Slowly guiding you safely through the almighty hurricane inside you.

It's flame getting smaller and smaller for each passing second.

But it keeps burning

Keeps lighting up your dark path.

Until you finally reach the end of the horrifying tunnel.

The world is bright.

Maybe it's heaven

Maybe it's not

But it's full of candles burning with a powerful flame.

Lighting up your new path.

The path is different.

Where the other was dark

Made by all the worlds sadness

And rude words.

And you barefooted tiptoeing ahead of it

Like it was the coals of a blazing fire.

The path is now shining and shimmering.

Making your life easy and happy

Smiling and laughing

It's everything you've ever dreamed of.

Or is it?

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