The other world

Will Aliva know what to do? Will she survive this strange world? Or will she crumble and stay put? Aliva is on this adventure of saving this world from it's doom. She is the nephew of the long lost queen, Meliva. She didn't tell anybody but her sister, Kelly, Aliva's mother. Will they rise again and save Crofix? We'll wait and see in this twisted adventure!


3. The world.

Aliva fell on the ground which was suprisingly soft. She pushed herself up from the ground breathing in the thick, warm, soft airshe had a look around, astonished by the view. She felt like she was in a fairytale. The trees whistled with excitment, the air blew through her hair and the river rushed down running like the wind. A twig snapped and broke the silence, Aliva turned swiftly around to see who was there.


"You're not from here," said the person still hiding in the shadow, "You're from here," Aliva said stepping back. She waited for a response but none came, instead the person stepped out from the shadows. She had blonde, white hair which had flowers twined in with leaves. She had a white dress on with blue overalls on. She whistled a tune as she slowly stepped forward, "What was that?" Aliva stuttered trying to be brave, but the tune went on in a soft but loud way. She stepped back again for the person was coming closer. The person stopped whistling and said, "That was a signal to everyone that a newcomer is here," she said folding her arms and looking around, "They will he here soon. Welcome to Faylic, Newcomer," she said standing there, appearntly waiting for someone or something. "My name is Aliva, yours?" Aliva said trying to be friendly, or trying to break the akward silence. "Nice name, my name is Meliva queen of the south,"


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