Scars of the Luna


1. Prologue

You know how every novel written has some sappy women who definitely was too hell bent on a deep, true love. That just wasn't me if my life was a novel, but that was definitely my sister Kai. They usually don't get married, in the stories, but my sisters marrying the alpha of our pack, the Blood Rose pack, Valentine. They had it figured out that Valentine and Kai were definitely mates.

But then Valentine's 18th birthday happened a few weeks before the wedding. That night was the night that the whole packs fate changed. To state it plainly, the wedding was cancelled and they were never going to look each other in the eyes again.


This is a leisure book, I'll update when and if I wanna.

The story had to be unpublished on April 14th, 2015. Due to copyright issues with the name. The name was too similar to Cherry_Cola_x 's story "The Bad Boy Stole My Bra", let's be happy for her, her book is getting published by her agent. Congrats!

Also, the cover at the moment is a make shift cover until I can make a better one on photoshop.

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