8. 8

Luke pov~ 
Visitors? We haven't gotten visitors in years..but o well. I went to go change and wash my face. Then I went down stairs, and then there was a knock on the door. 

Liz: " honey can you get the door please?" I go and open the door. And I see the girl from school that I bumped into. 
Liz: " hi come on in" my mom said greeting them. I just standing there with a smile on my face and shook there hand.
Spencer: " um hi..do I know you?" 
L: " um yea we bumped in at school" 
Spencer: " oh yea well I forgot to introduce my self..I'm spencer and u are?"
L: " Luke" I said shaking her hand.
Liz : " come on kids , come and eat dinner"

Ashton pov~
Luke just texted me saying visitors were coming to his house. I hope it's Miya.
*ding *dong I went downstairs to open the door, and there was Miya.
A: " what the hell are you doing here"
Miya: " uh because I can?"
A: " I thought you were at Luke's house"
M: " Nope..and why would I , plus I came here for you can give me ideas" mmmmm..
Oh I got an idea.
A: " have you told your parents yet.."
M: " about what?"
A: " um? Your pregnant"
M: " oh no and I don't plan to and if I do they will kick me out the house.."
A: " BINGO".....


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