7. 7

Luke pov~ 
After of hours of waiting my mom finally comes. 
Liz: " hey sweetie"
L: " hey mom.." I said sounding shaky. 
Liz: " Um are you ok sweet heart?" I just broke down crying and hugged her tight.
Liz: " Luke what's the matter with you..?"
L: " mom I got something to tell you.." I said sobbing.
Liz: " come on , let's go to the living room" in the same time I felt angry, upsetting, and hopeless.
Liz: " alright now tell me. What wrong ?"
L: " mom I did something so bad.." I said while tears are streaming down my eyes. 
L: " I-I got a g-irl.." UGH I CANT EVEN SAY IT. So I tried it one more time.
L: " Mom I got a girl pregnant.." I closed my eyes and got ready to hear what she was going to say. But she didn't.
L: " mom didn't you hear me..." She just looked down.
Liz: " wow...at the age of 15......LUKE your to young to become a father.."
L: " I know mom and I'm so sorry" then my mom started crying.
Liz: " Luke I had you in a very young age ( just pretend ) " she started sobbing.
Liz: " and it was hard..it wasn't easy taking care of a child at a young age , but I understand you and I'm going to help you. Ok sweetie" she said while wiping of her tears. 
L: " Yea mom" then we both hugged each other.
Liz: " well get ready because I forgot to tell you that we are having visitors. Well actually there our new neighbors.." 


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