6. 6

Ashton pov~
A: " where we're you Miya?" I said with a frustrated voice.

M: " just giving Luke a little surprise.." She said with a smirk.
A: " and what was the surprise"
A: " really? Or your just pretending?"
M: " IM ACTUALLY pregnant" this is going to be so fun.
A: " wow congrats..you Just made this 10x times better" this is going to be great.

Luke pov~
I arrived home finding my friends Michael and cal.
C: " hey what's up man" he said while giving me a bro hug.
Mike: " hey man" I just said Hi and went to the living room and they followed me.
C: " are you ok man? "
L: " actually no I'm not ok"
Mike: " you can tell us anything..we are ur friends " idk should I? But first I need to talk with my mom.
L: " um guys.. Can I tell you later "
C: " wow this seems really bad"
Mike: " don't worry u can tell us later" the left the house. Now I just gotta wait for my mom to get out of work.....


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