4. 4

Luke pov~

A" so have you herd news?" Ashton said with a grin.
L: " yes but I don't know what there talking about. WHO IS MIYA."
A: " well remember the party last night?"
L: " yea?"
A: " well you got REALLY drunk and Miya was there and um.."
L: " so your saying I fucked Miya.."
A:"yup...congrats dude" Ashton said laughing..
L: " how the fuck do you find this funny!" I said sorta yelling 
A: "chill out-"
L: " NO..ASHTON IM ONLY 15" ( let's pretend he is 15)
A: " well you should of thought about that before you sex with her" 
L: " look Ashton I don't feel like talking with you right now.." I walk away. I mostly skipped classes. Usually I wouldn't do that, but I'm pissed at my self , so I just went to the school garden. Then I saw someone coming to me.
M: " hey Lukey "
L: " um who are you?"
M: " oh so now you are going to pretend like you don't know me " she said annoyed.
L: " but I don't-"
M: " last night you told me I WAS THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE" I think I've found the girl.
L: " what I never said that"
M: " well I think you were to drunk" then she started crying. 
M: " you used me luke...JUST FOR SEX , I thought you loved me " she sobbing in her own tears.
M: " well surprise Bitch" she said to me while throwing a envelope at me. I opened it and it said " Pregnant "....

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