23. 23

Luke's pov~ 

I wake up from the sunshine in my face. At first I didn't realize where i was but then I noticed I was in a guest room at Ashton's house. *ashton comes in* 
A: " hey man"
L: " hey, ugh what am I doing in the guest room in your house" 
A:" well we were partying, and you were Wayyyyy to drunk so you needed rest and I brought you up here" 
L: " oh okay and um I didn't have..that with a..girl right?"
A: "sex? Nope no sex" thank god
L: " I barely remember anything from last night"
A:" and that's good, I mean why worry"
L: " your right, I should go home because Miya comes back later"
A: " right, you should go" I gather my things and lead my self out the door. WOW my head hurts.

Ashton pov~

A: " he is gone you can come out now"
M: "finally"
M: " are you sure he isn't going to remember anything from last night?"
A: " doubt it, don't worry you'll be fine. You just have to relax and get ready for that birth later."
M: " right..."

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