20. 20

Spencer pov~
S: " luke, do you really want to go to that party?"

L:" yeah?and don't say no cause your going" oh god
S: " I never knew you knew ashton"
L: " well i knew him since a long time. including Michael and Calum" 
S: " oh, that's nice "
L: " well anyways, let's go to the arcade or get some drinks"
S: " okay" we go to where we get the drinks and I see ashton outside.
S: " um luke, get me an ice tea. I'll be right back gotta go use the bathroom" I leave luke and go straight to Ashton.
S: " what the hell are you doing here?" 
A:"well hello to you too spencer"
S: " I'm serious and how did you know we were here?"
A: " it's really easy to locate you and luke, plus I have people working for me"
S: " well grab your workers and get the hell out of here" I turned around but he grabbed me really hard and put me inside a closet.
A: " look spencer, nobody talks to me like that. If you want to live then stay out of my sight" then he lets me go and pushes me.

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