2. 2

Miya pov~ 

M: " so did u give Luke the drink?"
A: " yup he should get the symptoms in no time, so get ready Miya I ain't paying you for nothing" 
M: " why are you doing this to him?"
A: " that's none of your business and don't let me down"
M: " don't worry I got everything planned"
* flash back over*
After all the fun me and Luke had, he fell asleep. Aww poor guy. I'm just going to leave him alone but THANK god I took some pics😈 this is going to be so fun!

Luke pov~

I woke up with a bad headache.
" ugh what time is it?" I said whith my sleepy voice. 
" oh shit it's 7:00 and its a Monday..FUCK" 
I hurry up and get dressed fix my hair, eat breakfast...wait? I'm at Ashton's house..o well, thank god I have clothes here. Where is ash? 


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