14. 14

Spencer pov~

OMG omg I'm literally freaking out. My long crush is kissing me. Holy FRICK holy frick.
L: " did u like that?" He said holding my cheek.
S: " um y-yea" I began to stutter. 
*ring ring 
It was Luke's phone.
L: " hold on I got to take this. And btw it's Miya." Ugh I really hate her. She doesn't deserve to be with luke. Or be a mother .

Luke pov~

L: "hello"
M: " where the hell are you luke!"
L: " I told you , I'm at a friends house"
M: " do you mean Spencer's house?"
L: " maybe..."
M: " UGH Luke , I told you not to hang with her"
L: " you can't tell me who to hang out with or who not to, now tell me what you called me for!"
M: " I wanted you to come home, I have these really bad pains in my stomach" I herd her groan In pain in the phone.
L: " fine I'm on my way but I'm only doing this for the child"
M: " ugh shut up about the child.." I just hang up on her. 

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