13. 13

Spencer pov~ (sm stands for Spencer's mom)
Sm: " honey can you get the laundry out of the basement please" 
S: " yea mom" *knock knock
S: " I got it" I go open the door and find a hot guy..(luke)
L: " hey spencer"
S: " um hi Luke come in" 
L: " hi *whispers to spencer* what's your moms name..?"
S: *chuckles* her name is linda"
L: " hi Mrs.Linda.."
Sm: " oh hi Luke..um spencer why don't you take your friend upstairs and I'll get the laundry"
S: " um okay mom..come on luke" we go upstairs to my room.
S: " so what brought you here?" I say handing him a water bottle.
L: "*sighs* just problems with Miya" he said looking at the floor.
S: " well you look really upset , you know you can tell me anything-"
L: " WELL Miya keeps saying that the kid is ruining her life, and that she is not going to take care of him/her not love the child and she doesn't care if the child's dies.."
S: " UGH I hate people like that..there are many people in the world that don't deserve to be mothers and she is one of them..Luke how did that happen? When and why did you get her pregnant?" 

L: " I-I *sighs* I don't remember , I just know I met her in a party and I guess I got drunk and that happened..and I regret everything I did in that party "
S: " well Luke I can't really help you..I'm just going to ask you to take care of that child I KNOW your only 15 but you can't do anything else...unless you can ask her for an arbortion-"
S: Luke just PLEASE don't let her hurt the baby when it comes..don't worry" I give Luke a hug and he does the same. Then we look at each other.
L: " your really pretty you know that right?"
S: " um thanks" I start to blush. 
L: " I wish you could of been the mom..." I was just there speechless. Luke starts to lean in and I didn't know what to do so I just fallowed. Then our lips attached.....

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