11. 11

Spencer pov~
S: " hey mom can I go visit a friend...?"

Mom: " sure Hun, just don't stay for to long"
S: " don't worry and thanks mom" I said to her while giving her a hug. I change quickly and go to Luke's house. I knock the door and someone opened the door.
Miya: " yes?"
S: " um is luke home?"
Miya: " yea why?" She said with a rude tone.
S: " because I came to hang with him? I'm his friend.."
Miya:" and I don't care.."
L: " oh hey spencer"
S: " hi luke"
L: " come on in..oh and spence this is Miya"
S: " nice to meet you Miya " I pulled my hand out for she can shake it but she rejected it.
Miya: " whatever"
L: " why don't we go upstairs" we go upstairs.
L: " um Miya can you get to waters please..?"
Miya: " ugh fine .." Miya leaves the room.
L: " that's the mother.." my heart was shattered..why that kind of girl , why couldn't it be me.?
S: " oh..um that nice?" Is all I can say.
Miya: " HERE!" She tossed a water bottle at me and Luke.
Miya: " oh Lukey your mom wants you down stairs" she said all sexually.
L: " brb" Luke leaves the room..now I'm stuck with Miya.
Miya: " why are you here?"
S: " I told you I'm Luke's friend-"
Miya: " well I don't care if your Luke's friend! I hope this is the last day I see you here.."
S: " but-"
Miya: " If you don't know...I'm having Luke's baby..and I live here and I sleep with him , we cuddle , give each other kisses..I know you like him , I can tell...BUT he is mine , we already had sex and it was awesome.." 

I just started to tear up, I need to get out of here before I get a panic attack.
Miya: " aww are you crying? ARE YOU CRYING because you know Luke won't be yours and that he isn't a virgin anymore , that he is GOING TO BE THE FATHER OF MY CHILD?" 
S: " LEAVE ME ALONE AND HE TOLD ME THAT YOUR A MISTAKE!" That's all I said before going downstairs.
L: " hey spence were you going?" I tried wiping the tears off. 
S: " oh u-um my mom called and she said she needed me.." I said trying to hide my face.
L: " wait are you crying?"
S: " no! Um I just got something in my eye..well thanks for everything and good bye" that's all I said before leaving the house.

Miya pov~

I'm a mistake? Ugh of course I knew that. I need to get rid of..whatever her name is. And I got an idea.
L: " aren't you going to take a shower you have been in the same clothes for 2 days already.." 
Miya: "leave me alone..it's like you cared about me anyway"
L: " I only care about the child-"
Miya: " OH PLEASE! what happen about you being only 15?" I started laughing. He just looked at me. So I just left the room.
L: " where are you going?"
Miya: " going to make a phone call.."
(To be continued)

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