10. 10

Luke pov~
Well I just met a new friend that I can count on that cool. They already left its 12:50 almost 1 , so I just put on some pijamas and go brush my teeth then fall to sleep. But I herd a knock on the door, so I went to go get it
. And it was Miya? And she was crying , and she had a suitcase with her.
L: " what the hell are you doing here?" I said in a whisper.
M: "my parents kicked me out when I told them I was pregnant " she said sobbing.
Liz: " Luke...who is she?"
L: " mom this is Miya...the girl that I got pregnant.."
M: " nice to meet you" she said sadly..she can't be playing nice. She is a rude ass bitch! 
L: " mom , her parents kicked her out of the house because she told them she was having a baby.." This can't be happening..
Liz: " it's ok, Hun you can stay here if you like?"
M: " thank you"
Liz: " Luke she is going to have to sleep with you" ugh no! But at least I have a king size bed.
L: " fine come on and bring your stuff" we went upstairs to my room , I sorta fixed the bed , then we both got on it.
M: " thanks Luke.."
L: " oh please stop playing nice , I know how you really are "
M: " I just needed to play nice for your mom can except me and if I didn't have to tell my parents I wouldn't be here in the first place"
L: " just...*sighs* we will talk about this in the morning and goodnight" i said to her then I turned of the lamp. 

Ashton pov~
I can't believe it actually worked!
A: " so mikey , has he told you yet?"
Mike: " no he hasn't told me anything..neither to Calum"
A: " don't worry he will tell you soon.."
C: " why are we doing this again, you know I don't like being in this stuff, Luke is my best friend.."
A: " if he was your best friend what are you doing here?"
Everyone was quite.
A: " don't worry I just need you guys to keep a look out."
Mike:" well I did see this girl, she had pink hair and a nose piercing.."
A: " ok..well keep a look out for that girl.."
Cal and mike: " yes sir"..........

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