The underage in Wattpadheim

One of the things Loki did in Wattpadheim--other than falling for a mortal--were namely coming across unique mortals of all kinds. But one day he comes to learn of the rules to Wattpadheim through a random Wattpadian and when he learns of one very vital fact that those under the age of 12 can not be on there he goes and reports those he's met who are 12. Lets say that might lead into some trouble for Loki. This is the story of the underage in Wattpadheim. Inbetweenquel to the 'feeling a need to redeem one self' and Alternate Original chapter to 'Wattpadheim'. Started: 5.9.2015. Completed: 5.10.2015 at 2:47 PM. Not part of the LoKnight love storyline. This is in Loki's perspective.


5. Wrong, maybe?

...3 hours later...


"You have a request to be in private message," The female voice said.


I look away from the magnifying glass towards an active discussion about 'Avengers' fanfictions.


"Hold on that thought," I said.


"That storyline with Tony Stark's daughter having some Frost Giant in her is so cliche!" DiscReason28 said.


"Nah uh," Bartonshooter argues back. "The one where Loki is banished to Midgard is cliche!"


To say for the least their silly argument is amusing to hear.


"Let me tell you what is cliche in the Avengers fandom," DiscReason28 said. "It is Superman landing in the middle of Tony and Thor's fight right in Manhattan."


"Nah uh," BartonShooter said. "That is not a cliche. That is uncommon."


"I have not read about that kind of story," AvengersGally said.


"Well, it is very widespread," DiscReason28 said.


"I do not see that kind of story popping up in the story results," AvengersGally said.


"Thor being weak without the hammer is a cliche," BartonShooter said.


"Agreed at BartonShooter," DiscReason28 said.


I watch the conversation turn into an argument that is both humorous and silly. I wanted to see how the argument would end while other fans of Avengers joined into the thread house pertaining to Avenger cliche's. Their silly argument continues for thirty four minutes meanwhile everyone ignores it talking about the main topic. Then SpikyKnight swoops in, Spiderman style, into the room from a window set across.


"Hello," SpikyKnight said, acting casual. The window is instantly fixed except for the remaining glass on the floor. "Please take this argument to Private Message and if this problem escalates then you must mute, but you can not apply it to each other." She held up her index finger. "Only one person can do this. SpikyKnight; Wattpad Moderator."


"So a mute duel!" BartonShooter said.


"Not exactly," SpikyKnight said.


"The thread house is doomed!" GeneralWarsy cries. "It is gonna be closed!"


GeneralWarsy zips out of the building making a commotion.


"BartonShooter is correct," I said. "It is a duel. Only one shot can be fired."


"I never really thought of it that way," SpikyKnight said. "At BartonShooter and DiscReason28; thanks for the cooperation and have a brilliant day!"


SpikyKnight swoops out of the building through the window again Spiderman style. But then again that would mean they cannot private message each other yet they can still tag each other in thread houses. BartonShooter and DiscReason28 disappears out of the room. I take out the magnifying glass in a much better mood.


"I accept the Private Message request," I said.
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