The underage in Wattpadheim

One of the things Loki did in Wattpadheim--other than falling for a mortal--were namely coming across unique mortals of all kinds. But one day he comes to learn of the rules to Wattpadheim through a random Wattpadian and when he learns of one very vital fact that those under the age of 12 can not be on there he goes and reports those he's met who are 12. Lets say that might lead into some trouble for Loki. This is the story of the underage in Wattpadheim. Inbetweenquel to the 'feeling a need to redeem one self' and Alternate Original chapter to 'Wattpadheim'. Started: 5.9.2015. Completed: 5.10.2015 at 2:47 PM. Not part of the LoKnight love storyline. This is in Loki's perspective.


2. One moment

"I am pretty sure it is not just Canadian Law," Directioner20 said. "It is United States law, too!"


"So when did you major in law?" I ask.


"I looked it up," Directioner20 said. "And I am sooo in love with The Royal Story!"


I raise a brow.


"Quote the source," I said.


"Ummm..." Directioner20 said, as I held up the magnifying glass. "Um...I just lost it."


"How old are you?" I ask.


"11," Directioner20 said.


"Magnifying glass, are you recording this?" I ask.


"Age has been recorded," The female voice said.


"I still love your story," Directioner20 said. "I really want there to be a sequel."


I frown.


"There is never going to be a sequel," I said.


"NOOOOooooooOOOOOooohohoOOOOOOO!" Directioner20 cries, stomping child like and throwing a fit. "I wanna know if Joline hooks up with Fandral or Thor!"


"She hooks up with neither because she can't get them on hooks," I said.


"I meant pairing," Directioner20 said.


"That is two different definitions to one word," I said. "Quite insane."


"Like what," Directioner20 said.


"Like the word 'hi'," I said. "One moment some mortal is saying 'How-hi' then they are saying 'how high'."


"I was giving 'what' as an example," Directioner20 said.


"You fail beyond the integrity of Odin and his father before him," I said. "Joline fled to the realm of Nidavellir because her father cannot make the climb there and hurt her."


"But the story is called the Royal Story!" Directioner20 exclaims.


"Yes," I said.




"Because Joline Malekithdottir is royal," I said.


"You are the bitterest man with the greatest storytelling I ever met," Directioner20 said. "Tell me; do you know how to report other people?"


"Yes," I lied. "Just give me a moment."  
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