The underage in Wattpadheim

One of the things Loki did in Wattpadheim--other than falling for a mortal--were namely coming across unique mortals of all kinds. But one day he comes to learn of the rules to Wattpadheim through a random Wattpadian and when he learns of one very vital fact that those under the age of 12 can not be on there he goes and reports those he's met who are 12. Lets say that might lead into some trouble for Loki. This is the story of the underage in Wattpadheim. Inbetweenquel to the 'feeling a need to redeem one self' and Alternate Original chapter to 'Wattpadheim'. Started: 5.9.2015. Completed: 5.10.2015 at 2:47 PM. Not part of the LoKnight love storyline. This is in Loki's perspective.


10. Not everyone is perfect

I went over to SpikyKnight's profile house.


I came to a stop when a bookshelf near the door caught my attention. There are many books with titles at the corners; 'I am surrounded by Alien Robots!','A Midgardian's Antics','Step into Asgard','This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!', 'The Car and The Android', and 'Angel - City of Fear' to name a few.


I take 'The Car and The Android' out.


There is a yellow black arm with a gray robot hand coming out, there is a dark yellow mountain, and the beautiful starlit night sky against the mountain made the shape of a human face. The word 'car' is in blue and the word 'android' is in red. Below I see the word 'by' in blue and the name 'TFASGAwriter' in a bright red color. I raise a brow at the name then open the book to the page displaying the title again except at the bottom it had 'SpikyKnight' not TFASGAwriter.


The cover is beautiful, that I can say.


"She changed her username," I said. "Can't blame her for not remarking the cover. It is very good." I put the book back into the book shelf knocking out another one at the same time. "Oops..."


I pick the book up.


This one is 'Step into Asgard'.


At the bottom read 'TFASGAwriter' in green. The words 'step' and 'Asgard' is in pink while 'into' is white. I see at the left hand side it read '(Loki Fan Fic)'. I see the throne behind the large text even with the black MP3 easily reading 'Daughtery- waiting for superman' clear as day. I made a pair of sunglasses appear because the faint shape of a shadow is there on the cover. The glasses adjust to distinguish the image.


I see the shape of my helmet.


"That is pretty clever," I said. "Putting my—" I squint seeing a shape that of a body coming out of the helmet. "Putting me on it but as a shadow!" I look up a little perplexed how SpikyKnight pulled it off. "That is impressive." I turn the book over to see the summery.


"This is not a love story," I read. "But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead...." I had to pause at that. "What do you mean there is no love story? You just told them to try finding one!" I look back down towards the summery. "This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big."


Again, a random girl gets transported to Asgard and begins a 'big' adventure?


That is practically screaming a twisted love story.


"One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene," I continue reading. I had a pause at that. "End credit scene?" Note to self; ask a mortal what a 'end credit scene' is. I continue reading the summery. "And she'll meet Loki."


I lower the book.


"Meeting me?" I said. I laugh. "This girl has not met me." I lower my attention back to the book. "Still confused?" I lower the book. "I am not even confused at the slightest!" I frown turning my attention back towards the book. "Then read it."


I look around wondering if she overheard me and edited the summery.


I take another look to see the time it took to get it done was five months.


Five months?




I walk out of the yard holding the book then open the book to see how bad she can write.


"One moment could change a life," I read. "It should be 'can' not could." I roll an eye. "Well..I was sitting there on a bench listening to my MP3...." I skim the most obnoxious parts. "There is this nagging question on my head that hadn't left from watching Thor. Why was Loki in the mirror?"


I stop.


"What?" I said.


I reread the line.


"Why was Loki in the mirror?" I reread.




That is the only question this girl has after watching a movie featuring Thor and I?


I skim past the other parts.


"Why is this nameless girl wishing for a space bridge?" I ask. "That is not the thoughts of a human when getting sucked in by a tornado funnel. Mostly it would be fear, confusion,and mostly the person screaming!"


That is it, I am going to be giving this a thorough rewrite. For those who have find it hard to read the novel they can get the full correct understandable version within the hours. I transport myself back to my profile house holding the book in need of extreme editing in my hand. I close the door behind me into the creator room putting on the headset taking off my coat then put it on a coat hanger along with my scarf.


"New story," I said. "Step into Asgard; rewritten."


"Title written," The screen said.


"This is a story about a random mortal transported into the realm of the gods!" I said. "She has a stupid question that needs to be answered because one of the Odinsons was in the mirror. Apparently this girl does not like love triangles. Also she has a 'big adventure' to begin. Want to know what this adventure is? Start reading."


I didn't know it then but I was making a mistake.


The End.
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