The underage in Wattpadheim

One of the things Loki did in Wattpadheim--other than falling for a mortal--were namely coming across unique mortals of all kinds. But one day he comes to learn of the rules to Wattpadheim through a random Wattpadian and when he learns of one very vital fact that those under the age of 12 can not be on there he goes and reports those he's met who are 12. Lets say that might lead into some trouble for Loki. This is the story of the underage in Wattpadheim. Inbetweenquel to the 'feeling a need to redeem one self' and Alternate Original chapter to 'Wattpadheim'. Started: 5.9.2015. Completed: 5.10.2015 at 2:47 PM. Not part of the LoKnight love storyline. This is in Loki's perspective.


9. Issue resolved

It is all right to be scared.


That is what make hero's what they are to the general mortal public. Fear drives them to do what they do and it something we all share; mortal and immortal. It is what makes machines feel human. It is what makes us all human in this very rubbish road. I am experiencing fear—the most deadly emotion asides to anger—at the time of walking through a New York City like scenery except there is some school related buildings here and there.


I see a Hot Dog stand in the middle of the street where a Wattpadian by the name Cafeteria-Geek is socializing with others. Sure I can change one's avatar by the slightest, sure I can trick mortals into thinking I changed their avatar, but what I cannot do is manipulate the outside scenery not in Wattpadheim. I thought of a verse from a song; 'Take courage, as it is Christmas day'.


"So how do these teens get through their day?" AngerBuddy asks.


"By listening to their ipods with swag," Cafeteria-Geek said.


"But you just said they are poor," AngerBuddy said.


"They are not that poor," Cafeteria-Geek said.


"You have no idea what being poor is," AngerBuddy said. "Being poor is when you cannot afford expensive stuff such as Ipods and new computers! Sometimes being poor means you have to use college money to get by, buy pizza every night, keep the lights off, and shut off the internet for a really long time!"


"Well, she's not a millionaire," Cafeteria-Geek said.


I tap lightly on AngerBuddy's shoulder.


AngerBuddy turns around squeezing their hot dog.


"Let me handle this," I said. "I will get your point across."


AngerBuddy gets off the chair squirting mustard all over their face from squeezing their hot dog so hard. Cafeteria-Geek continues chatting with another Wattpader as I slid myself onto the seat. It is quite insulting to see someone define poor as being rich. Poor is when the individual cannot afford a proper house; they can only afford a old house with the previous owners still lingering around in the form of ghosts.


I hand AngerBuddy a napkin right before they departed while I faced Cafeteria-Geek.


I tap on the counter lightly. A green thread sprouts from my fingers then jets into Cafeteria-Geek. The gentle green magical thread disappears from my view once it had completely gone into Cafeteria-Geek.


"Are you on a phone or something?" TeenFic asks, raising their brows. "Your grammar suddenly just became...butchered."


"what do you mean?" Cafeteria-Geek asks. "it has not."


Whatever they say that is meant to be capitalized is not capitalized.


"Has too," TeenFic said.


"I know what your problem is," I said. "You have the symptoms of the Fan Fiction State getting revenge for your army making pointless threads."


Cafeteria-Geek freezes in place.


"Who the hell are you?" TeenFic asks.


Cafeteria-Geek slowly turns my direction.


"I am Loki," I said. "I am resolving an issue and you might want to take a step back."


Teenfic gets off the chair then takes a couple steps back.


"it is you!" Cafeteria-Geek exclaims.


"It is me," I said. "And you must call off your army."


Cafeteria-Geek narrows her eyes towards me.


"in your dreams,cowboy." Cafeteria-Geek said.


I stare at Cafeteria-Geek for a long time in shock.


"...So you did intend for the Fan Fiction State to get hate threads about me?" I ask.


"i told you i would give you hell." Cafeteria-Geek said.


My fingers curl up against my palm in anger.


"I can place a curse on whatever account you get on the internet," I said. "I can pull one right now if you like."


"you can't pull magic on the internet," Cafeteria-Geek said.


"I am not a hacker," I said,standing up off the chair. "I cannot cut things so roughly with a chief's blade."


"a hacker is a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data." Cafeteria-Geek said.


"I am not a hacker," I said. "I am the god of mischief and I curse you with never able to use a cellular device and get WiFi off it!" Cafeteria-Geek sizzles away in a blue strand of electrical beams. "At TeenFic, if you want a reply from the underage then you may need to wait a couple hours for them to find a computer."


"Her avatar is a big 'x'," TeenFic said. "Right after you replied!"


"It applies to the phone," I said. "Not her icon. Cafeteria-Geek knows where to find me." _______ _______ ...Two days later...


I blink.


There is a sign reading 'Wattpad Ambassador City' and decorative lights on buildings. There is tall grass reminding me strongly of ones seen in the highly improved Pokemon games. I do know where in the nine realms I am at for sure but randomly being transported is something I do not like. A Asian like man with a herd of pictures around his head came towards me having a name above his head reading 'Tevin'.


"How did you get here?" Tevin asks.


"I honestly have no idea," I said.


"You must have an idea to find our secret hide out," Tevin said.


"Sorry, no idea where I am." I said, honestly.


"Yes, you do," Tevin said.


"I am not using a computer like you, mortals," I said.


"You are using a computer to chat with me," Tevin said.


"I am very confused how I got here in the first place," I said. "Woah," I notice many of the buildings have several book covers varying in design and theme changing before my eyes. "Midgardians have more advancement in technology than I thought."


It reminds me of Las Vegas and Times Square put together.


Tevin looks at me, strangely, tilting his numerous heads.


"...Are you friends with SpikyKnight?" Tevin asks.


"No," I lied. "We are not even close to being friends."


Tevin raises his brows as did the numerous eyebrows on the picture above his head. Tevin straightens his head as did the other heads. The way he is set up reminds me of the Delightful Children from Kids Next Door.


"I have heard about you," Tevin said. "And you must vow never to speak of this place to anyone."


"I do not know what this place is," I said. "I think it's the vacation place for national ambassadors in the realm of Wattpadheim. So why not tell everyone there's a perfect place that everyone relaxes?"


"Because you can't," Tevin said.


"Why?" I ask.


"When you have a secret hide-out,you don't talk about it," Tevin said.


"Oh, like the secret tree house," I said.


"Exactly what I am saying," Tevin said, nodding.


"So has Knight taken this vow too?" I ask.


"Everyone does," Tevin said


"Well, this is one nice vacation hide out," I said. "I can see why everyone is keeping it secret."


"You know nothing about the hide out," Tevin said, with a sigh of relief.


"It is a vacation place, obviously," I said.


"Repeat after me; I will not tell what I have just seen after being kicked out." Tevin said.


"I will not tell what I have just seen after being kicked out," I said.


Then I crash land into the backyard of my profile house face first. Ow, that hurts. I get up feeling my balance is a little off. I use magic to repair the damage done to the backyard then walk straight into the house through the back door threshold lacking a door. The pointless threads in the Fan Fiction State had come to a conclusion yesterday and everything had become much calmer similar to the aftermath of a dangerous storm.


Knock,knock, knock.


I came to the front door and open it.


"please lift it off my phone!" Cafeteria-Geek pleads, tearfully.


"Have you told your army to end their pointless war?" I ask.


"i have!" Cafeteria-Geek cries. "please lift the curse off. i am using my mothers work computer right now in the middle of pitch black and the computer screen is the only thing giving me light."


"Then kneel to me," I said.


Cafeteria-Geek's eyes become wide.


"i can't do that," Cafeteria-Geek said. "i have a physical disability."


"One of us is not here physically," I said.


Cafeteria-Geek kneels down to me.


"Much better," I said, and then end the curse. " thing is for sure," Cafeteria-Geek raises her head up towards me. "You are never going to be using the internet outside of school until you are 13! Same goes for websites that are not used for school related lessons by your teachers."


I left a curse on Cafeteria-Geek, but this time it effected the girl wherever she is.


Cafeteria-Geek sizzles away before my eyes with horror in her little eyes.
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