Just Friends.

I loved him.....well now i know that not all love story has a happy ending...i think?


1. Me

Hi I'm Nicole Summer. I live in Australia, I'm a fan of 5SOS, especially Luke Hemmings, and I have a pretty crappy life. I'm 17. I cut by the way,and I have 4 brothers and a sister. I'm not being bullied, and I'm not a bully, but I'm not really popular and I have best friends. Their names are Farrah, Jay, Joffer, Andrei and Klariz. I have lots more but we aren't that close. I think you've noticed that I have more boy friends, and thats because I'm not your typical girl. I dont wear dresses and skirts, I dont wear heels or flats, my favorite shoe brands are Vans and Converse and I love wearing shorts, crop tops and tank tops as well. That's pretty much all about me.

Hi this is my first book ever...if u think its boring im so sorry ill make it up to u next chapter pleas like or somethin hahah love u all please keep reading

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