Just Friends.

I loved him.....well now i know that not all love story has a happy ending...i think?


2. (1)


"Wake up!!"Jay shouted

"ughh get out"I shouted pulling the sheets over my head

"we have school in 30 minutes Nicole!!"Jay said

"when did u ever became my mom"I said getting up

He just chuckled

...I took a quick shower and got dressed,I was wearing my white crop top and ripped short shorts with my black Vans.I ran downstairs and found Jay sitting on my couch,I went in the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar and told Jay we're leaving.

(Skip to school)

We met up with Farrah, Andrei, Joffer and Klariz.I haven't told you that me and Jay are childhood friends and I kinda have strong feelings for him but he loves Farrah...

"hey Nicole are u ok"asked Andrei

"yah just thinkin about some stuff"


"yes unfortunately"Andrei is the only person who knows about my love for Jay....

(Lunch time)

"Nicole can I ask u something"Jay said

"Sure anything"

"Can i ask u a favor, can u help me ask Farrah to be my girlfriend?"Jay said...

I felt like crying I felt like my heart just shattered into pieces I cant speek"I-im sorry"I said running out of the school tears falling from my eyes I ran and ran till I reached the park I sat in our usual spot and cried till I heard someone speak up

"baby what's wrong"

the boy said and I looked and saw Andrei sitting in front of me, I wipped my tears away and told him I was fine but then he said I can tell him anything I just started crying and felt his hands around me, now I'm m crying in his chest when I calmed down I explained everything to him

"its ok"He comforted "well will u accept it?"He asked

"I don't know he's my best friend"I said"I know it will be hard but I owe him alot so yah I will"I explained

"ok baby just stay strong I'm always here for u"he said and kissed my forehead.

We went back to school and waited till the end of class.After school I called Jay and told him to meet me at the mall.I went home to change my clothes I decided to wear my Narivana crop top paired with my short shorts and black Vans and drove to the mall.

(At the mall)

I waited for Jay at the entrance.Once I saw him he huged me tightly while kissing my forehead

"Why did u leave"he asked

"I-im s-sorry"i said with tears in my eyes remembering what he asked

"Hey don't cry, its ok"he hugged me again and we stayed like that in silence for about a minute or two until he brakes the silence and let's me go

"Sooo....are u going to help me or nah?"he asked

"Uhm s-sure I-i think"I said while stuttering

He smiled"thank you!omg I love you so much Nicole"

"Hmm"I faked luaghed and said"i love u too"

"ever since we met"I wisperd.

Hey guys sorry if its short im just out of ideas so i love u all so much ❤️❤️pls favorite and tell me what i can do on my next chapter

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