This story is in Juliet's perspective and it is set in 2015. This ties up a few loose ends resulting from 'Return to Wattpadheim'. Basically Shawn starts acting strange one week after the Spencers wedding(being Juliet and Shawn) raving about a fictional character named Loki existing and that Loki tore the blueberry junior up. It gets even MORE stranger when Gus agrees. Is this a trick or something? Started and completed: 4.29.2015 Psych/Thor crossover. Short story.


1. Psych-ed




..San Francisco...6:48 AM...


"I told you, Jules," Shawn said, turning the TV off. "I met him last week,"


I roll an eye stirring my spoon in the bowl of cereal.


"Loki is not real,Shawn," I said, lifting the spoon out of the bowl. "Loki is very fictional."


"I will summon the god of lies and mischief!" Shawn declares, getting on his shoes. "And I am not crazy."


I slip cereal into my mouth raising my right brow and swallow down the bite. I take the spoon out of my mouth lowering the silverware down into the milky bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.


"I didn't say you are crazy," I said.


Shawn knots his shoes while hopping to the door.


"You implied," Shawn said.


Shawn opens the door then runs outside and hollers.


"HEY LOKI!" Shawn shouts. "You never gave a wedding present for good old Shawn! I am talking to the one who was in a place called 'Wattpadheim' and did some time changing!"


I hear Gus's blueberry park. "Yo Gus!" Shawn shouts. "I am calling good old Loki!"


I eat more of the cereal.


"Loki who?" Gus asks.


"I CALL UPON LOKI LAUFEYSON OF GALLIFREY!" Shawn shouts towards the sky.


"Uh Shawn," Gus said. "Loki is from Asgard not Gallifrey."


"Same thing," Shawn said.


"Asgard is a kingdom, Shawn," Gus said, as I heard car doors being shut.


"And Galifreyians are dressed in the same way like Asgardians," Shawn said.


"Shawn," Gus said. "Their architecture is very different so is their dressing style. Gallifrey has cities and-oh my god." I hear a gasp from Gus. "I remember! I remember Wattpadheim!"   Shawn came running back in.   "I told you I am not crazy," Shawn said.   "For all I know you two stayed up late watching Zombie movies, again," I said.


Then a strange man appears behind the counter.   "Seriously," The man said. "I am from Asgard not Gallifrey."


Gus came in, made a girly shriek, and then fell over landing in the wooden floor.


Holy cow that is Loki!


"I told you," Shawn said.


"Are you...real?" I ask. "Is this a trick?"


Loki frowns.


"No," Loki said, observing me. "And you're still in your pajamas."


"I just woke up," I said.


"How's it been, big L?" Shawn asks.


"Don't call me by that nickname, Spencer," Loki said.


"How's it going for you, big L?" Shawn asks, again.


"One more time," Loki said. "See where it gets you."


Shawn puts one hand on his right temple.


"The spirits say you are married," Shawn said. "To a woman!"


"Obviously," Loki said. "And there is plenty of spirits I am aware of capable of giving a mortal like you one hell of a headache." He walks around the counter sharing a glance towards a unconscious Gus. "He just came over to your house to faint? That is beyond stupid."


"Hah," Shawn said. "We're going roller skating."


I take a drink of coffee.


"More like crime scene snooping," I said, taking a sip.


"Hey," Shawn said. "It's called searching for people who need help."


"And crime scene snooping," I said.


Not that I mind having to make sure four people employed by the San Francisco police department follow the law being; Shawn,Gus, Monk, and Monk's assistant Natalie Teeger. They are by the most competitive detective squad in this part of America.   "...Shawn," Loki said. "I do not want you to call for me again."


"Why?" Shawn asks.


"Because it is very challenging to Heimdall to send me into this version of Midgard," Loki said. "A double of mine, to be frank, is the one you're speaking to. I can hear,feel, and see what my double sees."


"You have a double," Shawn said.


"I can make more," Loki said. "And you can have your hands full."


"No thank you," Shawn said.


"Being king of Asgard comes with great responsibility." Loki said.


" a king?" I repeat, puzzled.


"Why yes I am," Loki said, turning towards me. "And I have a queen by my side. We're expecting our first child in the upcoming months," Loki softly smiles at his good news. "Knight and I don't know the gender. We don't intend knowing. It is all about the surprise."


"Congrats, big L!" Shawn said.


Loki turns Shawn into a goat.


"Baa," went the goat.


"Loki!" I said. "Turn Shawn back into a human."


"I despise that nickname," Loki said.


"Shawn will never call you by the awful nickname," I said. "I need my husband to be human and functioning. I can't exactly live with a goat."


"Fine," Loki said. "But if Shawn dares mutter that phrase again towards me then he'll become mute to any case he tries to speak with me."


I nod.


"He'll take the deal," I said.


Loki turns Shawn back into a human.


"Ribbit," Shawn said.


"Wrong animal," I said.


"Baa," Shawn said.


Gus gets up.


"Man I had the strangest-" Gus stops seeing Loki. "Pardon me."


Gus ran out of the house screaming like a little girl, got into his car,and drove off screaming.


"I wonder if this mortal is meant to be a girl instead of a man," Loki said. "That scream is so girly."   "That's my pal," Shawn said. "Big-"   "Shawn!" I cut him off. "Anything but 'big L'." I turn myself towards Loki. "King of Asgard?"   "Through and through," Loki said. "I too had my challenges." Loki uses magic on the floorboards erasing away the scratches in the floor. "I must go, Spencers, and be warned never call for me as it is troublesome for Heimdall to send me here."   "But what about Wattpadheim?" Shawn asks.   "Yeah,what about it?" I ask.


"That's a different story," Loki said. "It is a long unknown realm and that's how it should be."   "But...all it took was a drive through the forest," Shawn said.


"You seriously did not," I said, in shock.


"Yeah, we did," Shawn said. "But we're still here."


"Oh Spencer," Loki said, rubbing his forehead.


"And who is Knight?" Shawn asks.


"SpikyKnight, only she is a Asgardian," Loki said. "It is a username, Mrs Spencer, only the last part is her name." Loki sounds fond talking about Knight. "The goddess of spikes."


"The King and The Knight," I said. "That would make one hell of a story."


"It did," Loki said, nodding with a smile.


"I like the sound of it!" Shawn said.


Loki walks towards the door.


"What about Thor?" I ask.


"Thor..." Loki said, taking a pause glancing towards the floor. "If Thor never told me about Wattpadheim I would not be here," Loki sounds thankful for Thor's suggestion. "Now you enjoy your short life together as mortals while it lasts." Loki shook his right hand. "Goodbye, Spencers."


Loki then went out the house and he is gone in a bright yellow flash.


"...I gotta chase down Gus," Shawn said. "Quick, where is the skates?"


"In the closet," I said. "Don't kill yourself chasing after Gus."


"I can skate like a ballerina!" Shawn said, heading down the hallway.


Now that is one way to start a morning.


The End.
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