English Love Affair - A Luke Hemmings Fan Fiction

After finding out that the man of her dreams, Ashton Fletcher Irwin, had set his eyes on her best friend Gemma Styles. India turns to her best friend Michael Clifford for help, but will her feelings for her best friend take an unexpected turn when the boy she’s wanted for years finally takes an interest in her? And what will her brother Calum Hood and older sister Mali-Koa Hood think of the choice she makes out of her brothers band mates? Will it keep the band together or will fights break out between them? Also which side will Luke be on, the side of love, or his best mate?


2. Movie Time!

Me, Michael, Ash, Gem, Mali ,Luke and Cal all sat in the living room, debating on what movie to watch,

“So that’s 6/7 for the purge, sorry babe but you’ve been out voted” Calum smirked,

“But i hate scary movies!” I whined, I felt a familiar pair of arms wrap around my waist.. Ashton’s..

“Don’t worry India, I’ll protect you!” He joked, placing his chin on my shoulder, I saw Luke give me the thumbs up, which made me blush slightly.


Some time during the movie..


I screamed again, hiding my face in Ashton’s chest for the 7th time.

“I don’t like it!” I yelled,  but it came out as a whisper, muffled out by Ashton’s vest,

“It’s fine, it’s nearly over” He cooed, rubbing my back gently, I was instantly at ease, getting the attention from Ash I've wanted for such a long time!


Ashton’s POV

I don’t know what i’m doing, but something inside me says i need to keep her away from Luke, i don’t know what it is, but it’s got to stop, i’m completely  jealous obviously, but do i really want her to find out about my game?

“The movie’s over babe” I whispered, she let go of my vest sitting upright,

“Thanks, for uh- being there” She awkwardly smiled, just then Luke came over, picking her up bridal style,

“Is my little baby scared!? Does she think the bad men are going to get her? My poor little baby!” He yelled, rocking her in his arms, swinging her round, her laughter filled the room, i felt a pang in my chest, why does he have to butt in?!


India’s POV


I couldn’t stop laughing as Luke swung me around effortlessly, his arms had a perfect grip under my back and legs, he then set me down on my feet, ruffling my hair as if i was a baby. I swatted his hands away and fixed my hair,

“What was that?! How did you get so strong?!” I exclaimed, poking his biceps which had gotten surprisingly big, he flexed his muscles, with a huge smirk on his face,

“I work out!” He sang

“You’re such a freak, i love that about you” I giggled, friendly punching his arm.



“NO! I’m already going to have nightmares from than one!” I pouted

“How about we watch… INBETWEENERS!” Mikey announced,

“YES!” Calum, Mali, Gem, Luke and I yelled

“Why don’t you want to watch it Ash?” He didn’t reply, he was.. staring at me?

“Hm what? Sorry! I was uh- daydreaming” He laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“INBETWEENERS IT IS! TO THE COUCH!” Luke, yelled, pushing me towards the couch, his hands on my hips, i heard a quiet growl come from behind me, i knew it was Ashton, everyone else was already sitting down. I smiled to myself, my plan’s working.

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