When the time comes

"But ashton i love him!"

"He will love you... when time comes


1. 10 years befor it all happened

I was awakened in the middle of the night by a sound coming from my window. I looked at my window and saw a little boy around my age. I was shocked because we never had neighbors so I didn't really know were the boy was from.Then I remembered my mom telling me that there was a family transfering here to our small town. So I went to my window and opened it. The boy came into my room without asking but I really didn't care. So I walked to my bed and asked him some questions.

"Hi I'm Nadine Collins" I took out my hand infront of him and he immediately shook it. "Hi Nadine, I'm Luke Hemmings". "Sooo Luke, why did you wake me up in the middle of the night by knocking on my window?". "Oh, sorry I didn't know you were asleep. I wasn't really sleepy and I wanted to get to know my neighbor since we're new here, and since you're our only neighbor, I went to you." he told me with a smile.We talked alittle more befor he goes back to his room, since were neihbors his room is so close to my room I can literally jump from my room to his room. After he left I got my Iphone connected it to my speakers play my favorite sleeping music "Invisible" and went strait to bed.

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