Demi's twin

My name's Alison.I'm Demi lovato's twin sister. You want to know why you don't know me, right? Because PATRICK didn't want but 2 daughters. At first dianna said no,well that's what she says in the letters she sends every month, but when Patrick said he liked me now she left to go to the doctor and Patrick took me to lanes orphanage. Dianna said she would come back one day but I'm still waiting.


6. unpacking

Demi and I whent upstairs and she showed me which room is mine. I'm kinda embarrassed to say this but, I seriously gasped. I'm sorry but this room is two tImes the size of the one Hope and I shared. It just amazes me.

"So, I'm taking by you gasping that you like it?" Demi asked after she laughed. Fake.

"Yeah-huh." I stated. I sounded so dumb.

"You only have two bags?" She asked sounding very surprised.

"Yeah-huh." God, I am so stupid. Can I not say anything else!?

In my two bags I have my clothes in one and in the other is my blades and other must haves. Such as my diet pills and fake I.D's.

Demi walked over to the closet and told me to toss her one of my bags.

"Umm....only one of my bags have clothes in it. " I mumbled. 

"Okay, then put your other bag down and come here." 

I did as told and she took bag and set it on the bed.

"Ali, this thingis only halfway full." Demi exclaimed.

"Umm....yeah." I mumbled again.

"After wget your clothes put up we're going shopping." Demi stated. So we both shut up and put all the clothes away.

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