Demi's twin

My name's Alison.I'm Demi lovato's twin sister. You want to know why you don't know me, right? Because PATRICK didn't want but 2 daughters. At first dianna said no,well that's what she says in the letters she sends every month, but when Patrick said he liked me now she left to go to the doctor and Patrick took me to lanes orphanage. Dianna said she would come back one day but I'm still waiting.


1. I hate it here

Alison l.,

Its Dianna,i miss you a bunch baby. I only got to have you two months. I will come soon. Right now we are dealing with stuff but, I will come for you soon. Buy whatever you want with this.

X's aand O's

Your mom, Dianna De La Garza

Accompanying the letter was $100 and pictures of my family. 







​Apparently Patrick isn't in the family anymore. He's not dead or anything like that! But for what he was doing to Demi. And not as much but, Dallas too. 

She raped his daughters!

I'm glad i don't have to live with him.

But i probably never would've anyways.

Dianna has been saying she is going to get me and she's going through stuff all my life. I'm 17 now and I'm still here.


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