Demi's twin

My name's Alison.I'm Demi lovato's twin sister. You want to know why you don't know me, right? Because PATRICK didn't want but 2 daughters. At first dianna said no,well that's what she says in the letters she sends every month, but when Patrick said he liked me now she left to go to the doctor and Patrick took me to lanes orphanage. Dianna said she would come back one day but I'm still waiting.


4. Family

I have nothing to do so I start cleaning the room. Including hope's side. I get it halfway clean and I hear a knock on the door.

"Who is it ?" I ask

"It's Hope"

"I didn't lock the door"

"You know it locks itself"

" have a key!"

"I forgot it! Just open the door!" 


I finally get up and open the door for her. Omg...she is so beautiful. Hope has long blond hair and emerald green eyes.

"The De La Garza family is here and want you. Can't imagine why."she was just nice and now she's mean. I swear she's bipolar.


I go down without my bags because what if they decide they don't like me? Then I'd have my bags and look stupid.

I instantly see Demi so I walk to her. I don't run,even though I want to. I get to her and she looks upand smiles which is so fake. I know because I fake smiles 24/7. 

"Hi" I say and it's barely audible 

"HI!" Dallas says pulling me into a hug. Dianna kisses me and tells me to go pack and Maddie is hiding behind Demi. I didn't see her. 

I whent upstairs and packed and then we all whent to my new home.

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