Demi's twin

My name's Alison.I'm Demi lovato's twin sister. You want to know why you don't know me, right? Because PATRICK didn't want but 2 daughters. At first dianna said no,well that's what she says in the letters she sends every month, but when Patrick said he liked me now she left to go to the doctor and Patrick took me to lanes orphanage. Dianna said she would come back one day but I'm still waiting.


3. breakfast

I go downstairs to eat breakfast because I don't want anyone to suspect anything after stuffing the money in my back pocket .

I get in line and got a cereal bar and water. I go sit up in my room because I have no friends in this God awful place! My roommate, Hope,was out. I ate one bite drank. Ate drank and repeated this until I was finished. I whent outside to the big trash outside my door and threw my trash in it and came back inside. I whent to the bathroom and locked the door. I knelt on my knees in front of the toilet and stuck my two middle fingers down my throught and watched as everything came up as well as a little blood. I then grabbed my blade off of the bottom of the sink and cut my arm about 7 times. Then I cleaned up the bathroom, put my blade back, pull my long sleeve down and exit the bathroom.

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