Dear Diary

'What a life.'

Our English teacher, Mrs Sturdy, has got us doing a 'diary of the year' thing. 'You must try and write as much as possible, everyday if you can please.' She had said. Utter rubbish. Who wants to hear about a thirteen year olds life? It's not as if it's so very exciting hey? Well, I guess I'd better start it anyway.
My entry for the Dear Diary competition!


1. Diary Drama

'What are you doing for your diary Maple?' I asked curiously.

'Oh my gosh, I haven't even thought of that yet! I might just make some bits up,' she cried,

'Make it up? But then it's not a diary, it's a story.'

'True, but my life is so boring!' She gasped exasperated.

'You can say that again, check out mine,' I said flatly. 'Whatever, let's keep playing.'

Walking home that night; I stopped and sat on a bench by the post office. An elderly man carried bunches of lively flowers in hand and a card hidden beneath a patent pink envelope. 'Need some help Sir?' I offered kindly, grabbing out to take the flowers from him. 'Oh, thank you miss. They're for my wife, Claudia, she's having a birthday today and this card is for her sister Dorothy, she has a birthday in a week,' explained the man. His eyes smiled with joy and lit up at the explanation of his wives birthday, 'well, I hope you will be spending it well.' I said sweetly. I helped the man post the card and take the flowers to his truck. 'Thank you,' he said again before driving away in his Jeep. I did a good deed! There's something to write in my diary...

Dear Day Diary,

Today was the best! I did a good deed for an elderly man! And he was so thankful he gave me £100!

Scrap that.

Dear Day Diary,

I'm going to start this off simple. My name- Avory. Age- 13. My best friends are Maple, Cece, Jasmine and Ruby. Maple and I have been friends since we were four. Cece and I since we were twelve and me, Jasmine and Ruby since we were eleven. This is more of a story than a diary I guess, but hey. At least you get all the info.

Today me and Toby, a guy in my year at school, played football with the year tens. Of course we won. Maple said she might make up her diary but mine is going to be truth truth truth. (Well, apart from the winning bit, but hush up okay?) Jas and Ruby are doing there's together, but where's the fun in that? They have to do double the work- yawn. Cece is writing about all her daily 'fashion fails'- yawn again.

Mum says I might be able to get my first bike next week for my birthday! It's an electric green BMX bike- a real one! My brother Keith is soo jealous!

Dads calling me for dinner, I'll write tomorrow! Bye: Avory.


Dear Day Diary,

Dad and mum are having a row. I can hear it from up here, all alone. Keith fled the scene earlier, I wish I had too. They constantly row; out parents, mostly about dads precious whisky. Pathetic. They act like kids, the pair of them, I and Keith act better than the pair of them!

Cece came over earlier today- it's Saturday. We had lunch at this cafe in town and then she came over to mine. We played dolls house, Cece loves those types of games, she plays them with her sister Bliss sometimes.

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