Lost Un Our World


1. Trees

Before I even had a single friend, i loved the forests. I would visit everyday to race myself up the trees. People would always stare at me. One day, i met a boy named Kyle. He was my first friend. Kyle was cute, humorous, and was the best gentleman ever. He loved the trees, like how i love them too. We started hanging out... A LOT. Then one day, he asked me if i loved him.

"Uh um...I-well...i...d-"

He hesitated and interrupted me, "Hailey...Iloveyouwillyoubemygirlfriend?" "Well...Kyle...i have to think about it, i... My dad might get surpriesed... But... I do... Love yo-"

Then he suddenly kissed my lips. I felt my cheeks turned bright red. He kissed me again. This time, our tongues met. He was...amazing...

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