Dead or alive?


2. Secret Lover

There are moans, groans, and much more, as they are laid deep beneath the floor.

Those who lived then have tear stained cheeks, those who didn't sit there, pleased.

Everyone leaves eventually, but there time was cut short.

When the graves are deserted, one comes close to examine it.

He looked to see if it is his lost love, indeed it was, his love is gone.

He weeps, he falls, he has hatred, for who it was who had done it.

He, like his lover, stayed by the graves every day and night.

One day, he became stale, and old.

He had so much despair, he could not bear.

He had a heart arrack and died.

Just like his lover, he was laid in the ground.

But this man had no lover, and when he was set in the ground, he was set in alone.

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