What Makes Me Happy?

for the #WhatMakesYouHappy competition


1. What Makes Me Happy?

Trying my hand at poetry...


What makes me happy?

It's helping other people.

Giving the advice that I can.

Giving the helping hand.

That can make someone else's day.


What makes me happy?

Perhaps it's watching my favorite show.

Or playing my favorite game.

Something that's fun.

And takes the stress away.


What makes me happy?

Having friends to fall back on.

Those who I can trust.

To help me on a bad day.

My friends and family.


What makes me happy?

Simply by being alone.

Having a place to call my own.

Not worrying about others needs.

Relaxing the entire day.


What makes me happy?

There are many things.

Writing, reading, drawing.

Helping people, being with friends and family.

Being alone and relaxing.

That's what makes me happy.

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