Confined || m.c. au

"1. keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits of (space, scope, quantity, or time)."
In which 18 year old Cora Smith finds herself not only in the same jail cell but handcuffed to 19 year Michael Clifford.

All Rights Reserved © VintageBubbles


2. o n e


I was effing handcuffed to my worst of enemies - and I'm not even exaggerating either. 

We were like Bowser and Mario, like the Joker to Batman, Lex Luthor and Spiderman... I could go on.  But, in short, me and Michael Clifford hated each other. 

So why the hell was I handcuffed to him? Question of the century, if you asked me.

"Michael," I whispered, nudging his side with my foot. 

No response and honestly, if it wasn't for the loud ass snores coming from his mouth, I'd say he was dead. But then again, I'm no doctor which, to be fair, is probably a good thing. 

"Michael, wake up," I said a little louder, practically kicking his side now.

And still nothing. 

I rolled my eyes so hard that I saw spots in my vision for a second. This guy was practically comatose. I honestly believed that he wouldn't be awake for hours. 

Which was really too bad for him because I wasn't going to give up. "Michael, I'm not going to ask aga-!"

Michael jerked his left hand, cutting me off because it pulled my right hand with it. And, because he's like some type of blue haired Incredible Hulk, my body was yanked down from the metal jail bed. So in efforts to save myself from the literal one foot fall, my free hand landed on the right side of his body and my knee had planted itself right smack dab into his family jewels.

His eyes popped open and an almost poetic stream of profantities flew from his mouth soon after, which - to be fair - is kind of understandable. I mean I did basically ruin any chances of him having kids in the future so...

"Hey!" A voice yelled, pulling me out of my reverie. "This is not the time nor place to be having sex!"

You've got to be kidding me.


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