She Will Be Loved

She Will Be Loved


1. My Best Friend Luke Hemmings

Kimberly's POV

"LUKE PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!!!" I scream as my best friend Luke spun in circles with me on his shoulder. "NEVAH!!" He screamed back then we both fell onto the grassy floor of my backyard. "Kimberly!!! Lunch in ready!! Luke are you eating here?!?" I heard my mom Suzan yell as she pokes her head out through the screen door. "Yes Mom!" Yelled Luke. He called my mom 'mom' but she didn't care. She just rolled her eyes, chuckled, and went back inside. I quickly got up and Luke and I raced inside the house and he won, obviously. He's got long legs like a giraffe and he's 6'4' and I'm over her 5'4'.

I quickly put some pizza on my plate and I saw Luke dancing while he was eating. "What the hell Luke?" I laughed. "What? I can burn calories like this!" He smiled showing off that one goddamn dimple. He was so cute but I didn't want to admit my feelings for him I mean, if we dated and broke up then it would be pretty awkward between us and practically ruin our relationship as friends.

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