Summer with you

When emily,Kim and Aaliyah take a summer Holliday to Australia they never know that they would spend the summer this 4 amassing guys name luke,Calum, ashton and michael.

When Luke wants some thing he can't have will he make her change her mined in time for the end of summer or will she leave and move on.


1. the plan to Australia

Emily's POV

Kim,Aaliyah let's go we are going to be late for are plan if you don't hurry up. I can't be leave that we are going to Australia for the summer i just want to stay at the beach all day and night.

"Ok I'm come"Kim screamed as she was walking to the front of the living room.

"Aaliyah come on"I said as me and Kim walked to the front door.

"Coming" Aaliyah said walking up to me and Kim.

Skip to the air-port

We all walked in to the airport like a Sean from a movie we got there just in time as they called are plan number out "plane 951 to Australia is now boarding"

"Let's go"Aaliyah said

wow that a first me and Kim said at the same time

Shut up and let's get on to the plan so I can go to sleep I didn't get any sleep last night I was to busy packing for the summer Aaliyah said As we took are sets on the plan. I was siting on a row by myself in front of Kim and Aaliyah till a old women came and sat next to me.

"Is this seat taken"an old women said standing on the end of the row

"No you can sit there"I said looking up at her

She sat and got her phone out it was a iPhone 6+. Do you know how to work this because my grandson sent it to me and I don't know how to work it.

"Yeh ok we'll this is the on button"and the look screen said well done you got it on

Well that's nice I will get my grandson to change that when I get Home"

"We'll I can change it for you" oh thank you she said in a soft voice

"What do you want as your back screen"I said looking to her

"Will you get in I photo with me" she said with puppy dog eyes

"Ok I will" as I got the camera up

Emily emily get up we have landed as I heard that I shot up and gave Kim and Aaliyah a shock. What the hell Emily Kim said in a shaky voice

"Sorry"I said getting up and walking of the plane.

"Hay where did the old lade go that was siting next to me" oh she was the first to get of the plan she needed to pee Aaliyah said lathing

Ok to much info gosh I lathed getting out of the plan.

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