Summer with you

When emily,Kim and Aaliyah take a summer Holliday to Australia they never know that they would spend the summer this 4 amassing guys name luke,Calum, ashton and michael.

When Luke wants some thing he can't have will he make her change her mined in time for the end of summer or will she leave and move on.


7. party!!!

Luke's POV

I wake up laying next to my Girl friend I just love to say that emily is my girlfriend. It's just nice to know that she's mine and no one can have her.

Emily wake up I said kissing her cheek

Give me five then I'll get up

No now I'm bored and I want to watch a move and cuddle

Ok but if u fall a sleep on you it's your fault

Ok let's go to the living room I said walking to the door Hey em you coming or am I going to have to pick you up my self

I would love that if you could she said with puppy dog eyes

Ok then I will just this time then you will walk next time ok u said as I picked her up bride style and walked to the living room. Just as I was going to sit in the living room I was greeted why the lads.

Hey guys what you doing here I said as I emily jumps out if my arms and goss hugs the boys.

We just wanted to let you guys about the party to night and you guys have to come or it's not a party. Calum said as he hugged Emily.

Yeh ok that sound good so when is it

Umm we'll it starts at 8 but we are all going to arrive together at 9 so be reddy for us to come and pick you two up. Oh and it's a neon dress up party so uh see you guys later. Ash said as him and the boys walked out of the house and leaving me and emily in the house alone.

Skip to 8

Emily's POV

I grabbed my wash stuff and then went to the bathroom the water was one and I shut the door and started to take off my cloths when Luke walked in and I was in my underwear.

Me:like what are you doing

Luke: taking a bath

Me:we'll I'm in here so...

Luke: yeh I know I gees we can take one together you know

Me:why are you so cute

Luke: because I am

Me: I hate that I can't say no to you

Luke: we'll I like that you can't say no to me

Me: shut up and just get in

Luke: we'll ok then

Skip to getting dressed for the party

So I'm wearing a black long selfs top with a neon yellow skirt with black hills and Luke haves a white plan top with neon paint Splashed over it and just black skinny jeans with rips in.

Why luke what time is the guys coming

Umm they said they'd be here in 5

Ok so who's party is this

Umm we'll it's my ex girlfriends party

Oh ok

Hey it's ok we are just friend I promise I love you and I only love you em and you know that I would never cheat on you and if I did then it will never be with her but you know that it's never going to happen.

I know is just... He stopped me from finishing what I was saying buy kidding me.

He made his way to my neck and left little love bits till he found my sweet spot and started sucking on it.

Uu Luke....

I love it when you moan my name.

He got a little into it he was about to pull my top off when the boys walked in and Luke stopped what he was doing and looked at the guy,he was still pining me the the wall.

Me: Umm hey guys

Ash: umm sorry did we interrupted something

Me,Luke: yeh..

Skip to the party

So we get to the party and you can see that the place is fall but we manage to get to the kitchen and get some drink about 1 hours we was in the living room and there was a lot of people playing truth or dear so me and the guys start to play.

Emily truth or dear I got asked

Umm dear

I dear you to going in the closest with Luke of 7 minuets

Ok let go Luke I said graving his hand and walking to the closest we get in and Luke crashes his lips to mine and I kiss back he starts to kiss my neck then he found me sweet spot and he starts to suck it and I let out a moan coursing Luke to kiss me more. I tug at his top telling his to Take it off so he did just when he was going to take me top of the closet door opened and I fell out and Luke fell on top of me.

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