Summer with you

When emily,Kim and Aaliyah take a summer Holliday to Australia they never know that they would spend the summer this 4 amassing guys name luke,Calum, ashton and michael.

When Luke wants some thing he can't have will he make her change her mined in time for the end of summer or will she leave and move on.


3. going for coffee and a movie

Luke's POV

Me and Emily are in the car I don't know what to say,I don't normally get nerves around girls but Emily is different but I don't know what it is.

Hay so do you want some music on what the only thing I could think of to say so I just said that.

Yeh I'd love to what type of music do you like then said look at me.

Ummm nothing you would like I gees so just something you like I said because she's not like me she's probably like more girly type of music.

Ok she said and went on her phone to her albums and on came a song.

OMG!!! I love this song I said in a confused

I fort you didn't like my type of music she said giggling.

We'll I didn't think you like punk music.

We'll you would be shocked at somethings that I like then she said giggling

Your giggle is so cute I said under my breath hoping she didn't hear me.

Sorry What did you say she said look at me. Umm I said I like your shoes. Oh we'll thank I like yours to.

Skip to Starbucks

We pull up out side Starbucks and get out the car and start walking in to Starbucks we get in the line and just start talking about the beat bands like blink 182 and nirvana

We get to the front of the line and there is a red heed girl looking up at me we'll her there I haven't see you her before

Umm we'll I don't normally go to Starbucks but this girl like its so I gees I will for today I said look to Emily As she is lathing.

We order the drinks I got a ice tea and Emily the same. We get In the car and start to drive to the movies when I go the rest my arm on the arm rest in my car I Touch hans with emily and I just try to lath it off and act like it disentangle happen.

Skip to the movies

Emily's POV

We get to the movies and start to walk in to the movies but I trip on a rock and fall to the flor but before I hit the flor Luke Catches me and pulled me slowly in to his cheat and looking in to my eye and I looked in to his and we just smiled.

Just after that I said do you want to go get to tickets of a movie still looking in his eyes. Umm yeh he said walking in to the movies so what movie do you want to watch he asked me umm why don't we watch pitch perfect 2 I said ok 2 tickets for pitch perfect 2 please Luke asked the man at the both he handed us the tickets and we walking in to the movie we have and large popcorn 2 large drink about half way through the movie I fill Luke pot his arm around me and pull me closer to him and I potting my heed on this shoulder and watch the rest of the film.

Skip to the end of the movie

Emily's POV

It was the end of the movie and we still had some popcorn so I chucked some at Luke and then we started to have a small popcorn fight but then we got told to stop so we did and started to walk out of the movie but when we was walking out the red heed girl from Starbucks walked in to Luke and started to Touch his shoulders and his abs that you could see the outline of throw his top.

I thought he would of liked it but he stepped back and said sorry but I don't know you and I don't want to do this on my date with this amazing girl he said looking at me.all I could do was giggle as the red heed just walked off.

Ummm so I didn't know this was a date

Umm I didn't say date what you talking about I said blushing

Then why you blushing emily said smiling

Let's just go

Skip to car

We get in the car and the music starts playing and we started to singing this the song and Luke started to drive of we went the long to where me and the girls were staying. We palled up to the house an is looks so nice and it's so big oh and look said it was like 3 minuets away from his and the boys house. I like when I am with Luke I don't know why but I do.

Luke's POV

We are just siting in the car and I feel like I should ask Emily out but I just meet her so I don't think I'm going to ask her not yet.

So do you have a boy friend then

Umm no we broke you that why I can out to Australia to just get over him. Emily said in a shy voice

Hey now you can be in the single club

Hahahah yep I'm in the single club

So I think I'm going to go in now I want to see what the house looks like but I had so much fun with you do day thank for the Starbucks and the movie she said looking at me

Oh it's ok I had fun to it was so funny when you tripped and I Till can't get over the popcorn fight that was so fun.

Ok we'll I think I need to go I can see my friends in the window but I loved being with you and thanks for taking me out it's was fun. Emily said look at the window where her friends where looking at me and emily and smiling.

Ok see you tomorrow then I said in a hop hull voice

Umm yeh ok I'll meet you tomorrow she said

Ok good see you at 6

Ok bye I said leaning in to kiss emily but I lent on the car horn and secured emily. Bye Luke see you tomorrow she said opening to car door and start to walk to the front door.

I get a message and I got to look at it when I fill soft warm lips agents me cheek and I look and I see emily smiling and walking of and up to the front door. I pull out of Emily's drive and go home to the boys and see if my grandmother is ok and not killed one of the boys yet.

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