Graffiti (a Luke Hemmings fanfiction)

When new student Luke Hemmings transfers to Tatum Tanner's school, she is baffled to find him attractive. Tatum is a quality student who doesn't want to mess around with Hemmings. Though she wishes not to like him, his appealing nature seems to draw her in more and more. Luke's edgy way of life begins to tempt Tatum into doing things she wouldn't usually do. Will Tatum go against her good girl image and follow in Luke's steps?
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3. Chapter 3

The last bell rang ending school, and I was relieved to leave every social situation in that building. I was still in shock from what had happened today, and I was ready to sit in my room and think everything over.

I stopped by my locker to collect my things as quickly as possible, in hopes not to run into someone while doing so. Unfortunately, my luck had turned on me. As I closed my locker, I was exposed to a tall figure with flawless blonde hair.

"Hemmings," I greeted him with a nod and made an effort to speed past him, but he grabbed my shoulder and spun me around to face him.

"Come with me," he gave me a sly grin followed by a wink.

I raised a brow at him and shrugged his long fingers off my shoulder, "You do realize we aren't as close as you're making us out to be, ya?" I gave him one of those are you serious type looks, "I've hardly known you for a day and-"

His words suddenly replaced mine, "Forget that shit, consider us friends and come with me," he began to walk backwards down the semi crowded hallway as he motioned for me to follow. I did as he asked. He lead me to the school parking lot, making me realize that he wanted to drive me somewhere. I paused and left Luke walking to his jet black Toyota.

"I'm not sure about this Hemmings," my voice was airy and skeptic, "My parents will punish me for coming home past curfew, and I have to study for my calculus quiz, and then-"

His convincing words ended mine once again,"Take a break from that, Tatum. You gotta have fun, do something for you sometimes. Don't you know how to live a little?" though we were a few feet away from each other, I could tell what I said had put him down, the way the corners of his lips were tugging down into a frown.

I walked to him until we were but an inch apart and deviously smirked, "show me how to 'live a little' then, Hemmings"

He mimicked my smirk as he opened the passenger door, inviting me in, "Only if you come with me."

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