Something Wicked This Way Comes *ON HOLD*

Emmeline Walker was a normal girl who had no worries going to school with her best friend Georgie. She had loving parents and doting brothers, everything a girl could want. Then comes along the virus. People are dead and dying all over the world, and the world seems to end when Emmeline catches the virus and blacks out. When she wakes up, however, in a new world where the dead never really died, she learns that the virus wasn't the end of anything, but the beginning in a new world of horror.

This is a story about zombies, beware. :)


6. Those Bloody Reporters

~~Emmeline's *POV*

When Shin pressed the power button on the screen I couldn't help but lean forward in anticipation. Finally I would get to see what happened. He placed an empty bucket to me and I wondered what for, but my attention was diverted when the screen solidified into a moving picture. It was a news reporter standing outside the white house while the wind blew her hair in face.

"-ember 26th, 2014. This is Marie Howser here today at the Whitehouse awaiting the president's and minister of defense's decision about the outbreak that has now reached Canada. Spreading rapidly across the globe, thousands have been infected with what is being called the Ebola CX virus. Anyone infected with this will start showing sudden signs of fatigue or in the worst case, bleeding from the eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Nausea with massive headaches follow soon after and then will be replaced with uncontrollable shivering. At the the latest stages your body will start to shut down from cold. If anyone you know or if you, yourself, show these symptoms please contact your local hospital immediately. Wear masks and gloves at all times to protect yourself and others. We-" the broadcast cut out and another one followed soon after, this time of a young family sitting on the couch with bandages on random areas of their bodies.

"We were sitting down, having dinner as normal as possible, when our next door neighbor came running through our front door. He was terrified and kept trying to incoherently discuss what happened as he slammed the door shut. There were bite marks on his hands and arms; blood was dripping profusely from them and so we immediately tried to help him when he collapsed. We were tending to his wounds when he had regained consciousness and attacked

us." The woman grabbed her husbands hand for support as she leaned into him and he continued, his voice dull and face haggard.

"Luckily I managed to subdue him until the cops came to take him away, but he was crazy. His eyes were cloudy like he was blind and he just...attacked us." A shudder ran through the mans body and he slumped forward. His wife quickly caught him before he fell and a camera man ran to him. He grunted before pushing them away but then he opened his mouth and blood erupted over his lips. I cringed back from the video and kept watching before it blinked over to another news report.

"Calls are flooding into police stations across the country with people demanding help and telling others about people attacking them. Please, we advise everyone to stay indoors and away from people who have been bitten and or have contracted the Ebola CX illness. Call the authorities if anyone threatens you and evacuate to a safe area as soon as possible if stuck outside. Ther-"

The video then switched to a woman stuck in a town swarmed with people in a panic. She ran into an alley away from the main group of people and continued her broadcast there, her back up against the stone wall breathing heavily. The screen split in two and a man inside a news studio looked on worriedly.

"Karen are you alright?" he asked. 

The woman with blonde hair nodded and took a deep breath before trying to speak.

"John, its a madhouse down here. People are in a panic and terrified because people around them started to show up and attack groups of us. There-!" a scream split the air and multiple gun shots were fired in the distance. Karen looked around the corner and quickly pulled back, her face pale and horrified.

"Oh my god, the police just showed up and started shooting! But...but they're not stopping. The people being shot are not stopping! What the hell is going on?!" she yelled. She looked around the corner again and froze. When she turned back to the camera, she was shaking so badly she could barely hold her microphone.

"The people...the people are eating the cops. They've swarmed t-them! Oh god we need to get out of here!" the panic in the woman's voice was followed by more screams. The camera shifted and peeked around the corner where a mob of hundreds of people were attacking the cops, charging through the gunfire and ripping some of them to shreds. Cops and civilians alike were cornered and I watched in disbelief as a person who had fallen to one of those...those

monsters  dragged itself to his feet. A large hole was on his stomach and his intestines were falling to the ground with a stream of blood and stomach fluid.

I felt bile rise in my throat and grabbed the bucket to place it under my chin. At least now I knew why Shin had put it there. I forced it to stay down, determined not to lose the only food I had eaten in days to a bucket.

The newscast continued with the two of them running away into a building and locking the door behind them. It switched over to the gentleman who sat in stunned silence and he said something about arming yourself before moving on. 

The next one was of a police barricade around the white house, arming civilians. The camera switched angles and this time it was from the top of the white house where the president, family, and vice-president were being evacuated to a helicopter. It turned to show a mob of hundreds of thousands of people swarming over the large lawn and attacking anyone trying to fight back. 

At that point I could no longer hold in my stomach and I puked into the bucket as the images continued to flash through my mind of people fighting these monsters to live and more than half the time being devoured toward the end. Shin took out the DVD and this time replaced it with home videos of others and talk shows. He fast forwarded to this one show where two men, one white one black, were talking about effective ways to kill these things and survive underground.

I paid rapt attention while my stomach continued to roil, hoping it would stop soon. Eventually when the video ended I breathed a sigh of relief but my head was pounding with thoughts of all I had learned. 

I clenched my fingers and sat in silence. I placed my hands on my face and closed my eyes, rubbing my fingers over my eyebrows. It was hard to take in, impossible even, but I had gone through so much already that the shock barely registered. I accepted it because there was no other choice, if I wanted to survive. 

Shin moved around in the background and went back upstairs, giving me space which I was grateful for. Even though I had accepted what was out there, my heart and body were still trembling with trepidation.

When I finally calmed down to where I was no longer about to puke or trembling, I slowly headed upstairs. It was dark now, the sky outside the windows pitch black with no stars. Shin was feeding the dogs one last time and then lay the blankets on the small couches for the both of us.

I glanced over at the gym and furrowed my eyebrows, and in that moment decided something. Turning to Shin I spoke up, although my voice came out more quiet than I expected.

"I'd like you to train me." I said.

Shin turned to stare at me, his eyebrows raised in surprise. "No."

I gaped at him. "What? Why? Please!" 

Shin shook his head again but I interrupted him before he could speak. "Shin, please. Teach me how to fight so I can survive." I pleaded with him.

He was a stubborn man but once he saw the determination in my eyes, he grudgingly nodded his acceptance. Everyone has the right to fight to live, including me. And learning how to protect myself was just one step closer to finding my family.

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