Something Wicked This Way Comes *ON HOLD*

Emmeline Walker was a normal girl who had no worries going to school with her best friend Georgie. She had loving parents and doting brothers, everything a girl could want. Then comes along the virus. People are dead and dying all over the world, and the world seems to end when Emmeline catches the virus and blacks out. When she wakes up, however, in a new world where the dead never really died, she learns that the virus wasn't the end of anything, but the beginning in a new world of horror.

This is a story about zombies, beware. :)


1. The Virus (Part One) - Edited

~~The ground swayed beneath me and I quickly grabbed the railing near the stairs, feeling blood dribble down my top lip from my nose. My gaze blurred and I watched as the crimson drops slowly fell to the tiled floor to splatter, the liquid shape resembling a small red flower. I felt hands on my back as Georgie held me steady, her voice filled with worry and panic, shaking like a leaf as she called my name. I stumbled forward even further and coughed, the bile rising from my throat a deeper crimson. I could hear Georgie in the distance screaming now, but it was muffled, my ears plugged and feeling as if they were stuffed with cotton. I crumpled to my knees and felt liquid stream down my face.

I was crying? 

I blinked and slowly reached up to wipe my tears away, pulling my hands up in front of my face to see the liquid was just more of my blood, running from my eyes freely now.

I was crying tears of blood? I looked ahead and tried to make sense of the scene before me, trying to rationalize what had happened.

I had been at school, a normal day with plenty of annoying homework and studying for senior finals.

I blanched. What had I been doing all day?

 Feet rushed past me and blurred, sneakers of every color and style running past and frozen in front of the small crowd of teachers. Georgie had been pushed away from me, a teacher holding her shoulders as she cried uncontrollably, her stormy blue-green eyes wide with full blown panic and horror as she looked on. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail and her mouth was wide open in a silent scream. Teachers were shaking me, asking questions I couldn't hear, or understand, and it seemed like only moments before the vibrations in the floor increased and a swarm of white stormed up the stairs to me. 

The people quickly forced me onto a stretcher using experienced and cold hands to my head to keep me still. 

Another cough exploded from me and I jerked my head sideways, more blood spilling from my lips to paint the tile red. There was shouting and suddenly a flashlight was in my face, causing my eyes to squint. Something was shoved down my throat and I gagged, but it did nothing to help.

There was no pain exactly, just numbness and a prickle every now and then, like I was being shocked. My eyes fluttered, feeling as if they weighed a ton, and my vision blurred till I could see nothing but blobs of color. I smiled up at the shadow standing over me, my heart irrationally calm as a realization came to me.

I was dying.

The color faded and I felt as if a cord had snapped somewhere inside of me, its existence ending.

The world turned black. 

And then I died.


Three months ago had been the beginning.

When everything had begun, it was just one or two cases popping up randomly within the country, easily taken care of. No one paid attention to it.

The rumors that circulated said that the Ebola was properly contained, that the findings would lead to nothing.

A month passed. Reports of cases popping up twice as often were reported all around the world.

It was no longer a contained strand. 

Rumors spread of governments taking heavy action, creating quarantine camps for the infected to be cured at, away from civilization.

Two months passed and the infection rate spreading around the globe tripled a second time. People were dying with no cure available and cities were shutting down and reaching dangerous heights of panic.

By the third month, the infection was no longer considered contained and it flew into a full on pandemic. People were infected everywhere. People were dying from Ebola. 

But the only problem was that at the time nobody realized something so important it may have saved us. 

This virus?

It wasn't Ebola.

People weren't just dying. They were coming back to life.

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