Something Wicked This Way Comes *ON HOLD*

Emmeline Walker was a normal girl who had no worries going to school with her best friend Georgie. She had loving parents and doting brothers, everything a girl could want. Then comes along the virus. People are dead and dying all over the world, and the world seems to end when Emmeline catches the virus and blacks out. When she wakes up, however, in a new world where the dead never really died, she learns that the virus wasn't the end of anything, but the beginning in a new world of horror.

This is a story about zombies, beware. :)


18. The Rescue Party Part 4

How dare they?! I'm not a fuckin' baby for Christ's sake I can do things myself! Corey was thoroughly pissed off, mainly at Gabriel who was treating him like he was less trustworthy than even the new recruits. He heard what Gabriel had to say about him to the others. Unstable was he? Fine. He'd be bloody uncontrollable if that was what they wanted.
He stormed down the stairs a few minutes after Gabriel though ended up taking a different route that led to behind the building. The door had been intentionally jammed but Corey moved the metal pole that was wedged between the door and the wall. The outside was dull, showing light filtered through a screen of clouds that had begun to form. A storm was coming, though Corey would never know about it.
He ran down the alleyway with a smirk, confident in his ability to get home. They didn't need him so why should he stay? He didn't see around the corner in time and the ghosts running towards the explosions were just one part of a large wave that was about to converge. If this group met up with the other ghosts, it really would be impossible to escape. 
Corey bolted to the Main Street behind the building he had escaped from and right into the waiting, rotting arms of the undead. So much for living by himself.



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